???IVI Compliance Category:

IVI-COM Custom Specific Instrument Driver

Optional Features:

Interchangeability Checking = False
State Caching = False
Coercion Recording = False

Driver Identification:

Driver Revision: 1.0.0

Driver Vendor: Acery Technologies

Prefix: AcLM4445y

Description: RF Switch/Attenuator Driver

Driver Release Information:
Original Release Date: 01/09/2012

Hardware Information:

Instrument Manufacturer: Acery Technologies

Supported Instrument Models: LM4445Y

Supported Bus Interfaces: LXI, GPIB

Software Information:

Support Software Required: .NET 1.1, Agilent IO v14.0, IVI Shared Component v1.2.1.0
Source Code Availability : Not Available

Acery has tested LM4445Y IVI-COM driver to ensure that it is qualified for the IVI Specification Requirements at the time this compliance document was submitted to the IVI Fundation.